Data policy

The International Data Centre on Hydrology of Lakes and Reservoirs (HYDROLARE hereafter) operates on the WMO principles [Resolution 25,Resolution 40] with the aim of encouraging wide use of the data for national, regional and global studies.

  1. 1. Data acquisition and accept

    1. 1.1.HYDROLARE accepts data based on respective requests, coordinated protocols or agreements from WMO member countries.

    2. 1.2.It is expected that members and other data providers transfer to HYDROLARE selected hydrological data in any format, together with actual metadata. The data transfer is provided annually.

  2. 2. Dissemination of HYDROLARE data

    1. 2.1.HYDROLARE data are available to users free and unrestricted under the conditions specified in 2.2 to 2.7 below.

    2. 2.2.Requests for data must be submitted to HYDROLARE in written form: by letter, facsimile, telex or email. You can find more details about the request in Annex 1.

    3. 2.3.The data user agrees in writing that the data received are not transferred to third parties without written consent of HYDROLARE. HYDROLARE data are released upon identified access, e. g. a signed User Declaration (Annex 2) or other documents.

    4. 2.4.HYDROLARE data shall not be used for commercial purposes without prior consent of the Owner of data. HYDROLARE will request such consent on behalf of a potential user.

    5. 2.5.The data user agrees that HYDROLARE may inform the Owners of data about the use to which their data have been put and will transfer the names and addresses of the data users to Owners concerned.

    6. 2.6.Data and products of HYDROLARE are protected by intellectual property rights. HYDROLARE will claim these rights.

    7. 2.7.HYDROLARE provides data with reference to institutions holding these data which are fully responsible for the data reliability and authenticity.

  3. 3. Cost of services

    1. 3.1.Standard HYDROLARE services (Annex 3) are provided free of charge without any restrictions on the use (i. e. other than the source to be indicated).

    2. 3.2.HYDROLARE may charge the data user a nominal amount for data queries and handling.

    3. 3.3.Handling fees are to be charged with the aim of full cost recovery for the acquisition and management of orders (data delivery, administrative and mercantile service). The cost is based on the current price for services charged by the State Hydrological Institute.

    4. 3.4. Standard HYDROLARE services are free for agencies and institutions which contribute data to HYDROLARE, as well as for the secretariats of international organizations which are the principal clients of HYDROLARE, such as WMO, UNESCO, UNEP.

    5. 3.5.Under special arrangements, the cost for database queries may be waived (e. g. for data users of developing countries).

  1. Annex 1. Data Request from HYDROLARE

    Any request for data should provide the following information.

    1. Origin of the request, including name, postal and/or e-mail address, phone and fax number of the individual or institute making the request; where an institute, the name and position of the responsible officer should also be provided.

    2. Content of the request (which water objects, gauge stations, regions, types of data etc.).

    3. Rationale for the data request.

    4. Description of the use to be made of the data, including the name of the research or study project.

    5. Signature of the person or responsible officer.

  2. Annex 2. Declaration of the Data User

    The undersigned declares that he/she is aware of the HYDROLARE Policy Guidelines for the Dissemination of Data and Costs of Services and is responsible for the proper use of the data provided by HYDROLARE. The undersigned agrees to use the data under the following conditions.

    1. The HYDROLARE data are not transferred either in part or in total to third parties or to general public without written consent of HYDROLARE.

    2. The data will not be used for commercial purposes without written consent of HYDROLARE.

    3. HYDROLARE itself will obtain clearance from the respective Members or other data providers prior to the release of data for commercial purposes.

    4. After completion of the studies and parts thereof, a copy of the results will be made available for HYDROLARE, as well as publications arising from the use of the data set or parts thereof.

    5. In all publications created with the HYDROLARE products, the source of the data will be fully cited as: «International Data Centre on Hydrology of Lakes and Reservoirs at the State Hydrological Institute», 2nd Line, 23, St. Petersburg, 199053, Russian Federation.

    6. In certain cases HYDROLARE may charge the data user a nominal amount for data queries and handling or an amount which has been agreed upon between the requested agency and HYDROLARE.

    7. HYDROLARE cannot be held responsible for the errors from the data sponsors.

    8. I, as principal researcher/representative of the requesting organization, agree to the conditions stated above.

  3. Annex 3. Services

    1. The following standard services are free:

      • Production and dissemination of catalogues and yearly status reports;

      • Response to requests about data availability;

      • Production and dissemination of information about the content of the database.

    2. The following specialized services are paid:

      • Thematic database creation on concrete projects;

      • Execution of orders related to the client's commercial activity.

HYDROLARE holds the right to change the extent and scope of standard services with the notice on its web-site.

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